No Exceptions

8 11 2016

That statement can be taken two very different ways and I think it’s necessary to point out both, on today of all days.

DEFINITION 1: the complete exclusion of something. “No shirt, no shoes, no exceptions.” Meaning that you MUST follow OUR rules or be kicked out. Historically this version has also been implied and/or used to separate drinking fountains by race, ban Jews from entering certain shops, etc.

DEFINITION 2: The complete inclusion of something. As in, Gods bless everyone. No exceptions.

As someone who really does have friends that span nearly every rendition of human descriptors, I choose the 2nd definition.  And I think that’s really important.

Especially on Election Day here in the US.  And while I’m a cynical observer of human behavior (as in, it doesn’t surprise me at all the the actual scary things in the zombie show “The Walking Dead” are not the zombies but the living, breathing human beings who are left), I always hope in my heart of hearts that most people live by definition #2.

So for me, my personal ethos dictates that I think over my wide group of friends, and think how they would like to be treated before I cast a vote.  Love. We. Tribe. Gods Bless Everyone.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

And I feel that there while there isn’t a definitive choice FOR that, there is definitely a candidate who is AGAINST particular groups of people.

My gut says that when you’ve alienated or insulted or tried to shame group after group, and minority after minority, there comes a tipping point when there are enough minorities to make a majority.

Wall of Voters

That’s my election prediction.  And tomorrow? I’ll either have egg on my face from a miscalculation that I was either brave enough or stupid enough to throw out into the internet ether, or my hunch will be proven correct. Neither matters, because my vote is already cast, and whether your vote is cast yet or not, I am unlikely to change anyone’s actual vote at this point.  However, how someone treats another person in the aftermath may still be… undecided.  And if my words factor helpfully into whatever weird aftermath we as a nation are headed towards regardless of who wins (because make no mistake, I think there will be an aftermath), then my time was well spent.

Love matters.  So please, no matter what the outcome, PLEASE use love, acceptance, and kindness in your treatment of ALL of the human beings.

NO Exceptions.


It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

1 07 2011

My condolences to Kermit the Frog, from whom I stole the title of today’s topic.

Running a green or environmentally friendly stained glass studio is about as successful as trying to get Congress to unanimously pass a bill. In other words, it ain’t happenin’.

Flux (the stuff you use to make solder stick to copper foil) is corrosive. Kilns require electricity to run. Etching takes a whirlwind of things (yes, the pun was intended) including an air compressor (which uses electricity) a shop vac (more electricity) and aluminum oxide (the stuff that actually does the etching, and is mined, separated into various elements and sieved before it ever reaches my door.)

Unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. By far, the biggest “waste” product I create is scrap glass. No recycling center that I’ve found takes truly “mixed glass”. I’ve checked. “Mixed glass” at recycling centers means a mix of clear glass or brown glass or green glass. Mixed glass does not mean blue-and-orange-and-pink-and-EveryColorUnderTheSun mixed together in plastic buckets.

My Scrap Bench

So I brainstormed. I was already making my magnets from small pieces of glass, except that I was cutting down whole sheets of glass to make them, because it was faster and they were uniform in shape. I took a look at my scrap bench, grabbed some glass, and made a few trial magnets in whatever shapes the scrap dictated. I took an informal poll, ’cause frankly, I’m biased, and I liked the way my old ones looked better. Nearly everyone I showed them to liked the new organic shapes more. Thus overruled, I took the hint.

The "New" Magnets

I clean off my scrap bench once a month, and use as much of the scrap as I can to make magnets. It hasn’t fully eliminated my scrap production, as not all glass can be fused (melted), and many glasses cannot be fused together, because their COE (coefficient of expansion) differs. (Mixing COE’s in a stack in a kiln leads to nothing but breakage.) The scrap that I can’t use in magnets goes in boxes, and gets given to aspiring stained glass hobbyists I find on Craigslist.

Making magnets this way is a little slower, and definitely limits my color palette on any given month to whatever is lying around, but I think it’s a better long term decision to help my business “go green”. I also believe that as recycling and upcycling become more mainstream (and therefore, more popular) it will become a bigger selling point as time goes on.

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