The Battery Life of an Introvert

26 08 2015

Yep. All this. To quote a friend of mine, “I thought I was fairly introverted… And then I met Molly.”


I know that a lot of my extroverted friends struggle to understand my introverted nature. Despite an attempt to explain this in my ‘Dear Extroverts‘ post last year, still they are confused. And so, after a recent conversation with one very extroverted friend, we came up with an analogy. Being an introvert is like being a mobile phone.

Let me explain.

Think of an introvert’s energy supply like an iPhone battery. Different levels of social interaction drain the battery different amounts. 4G results in an excessive drain on battery, 3G leads to quick loss of battery life , general use will drain the battery slowly, airplane mode won’t take much battery life at all, and charging gives back energy previously lost. Pretty much every situation and every person fits into one of these five categories…

4G – large crowds of people we don’t know. Think house parties, networking events, basically anything which…

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