New Things For… Some Point

4 10 2014

I wish I could say, “ya, hey lookit all the new shinies I’m gonna rock your winter with…”

But art glass R&D is slower than that.

It takes me several days (if not weeks, and sometimes months) to muck around with a new idea until I have the hang of it enough to make it in a timely and cohesive fashion.

So poke me if any of these is on your holiday list, as I always, always, always try to get stuff that people want to buy immediately done faster than say, some random idea I’m farting around with. The photos are uncropped/unaltered btw because I’m a lazy sod, dinner is almost done bubbling away, my office is chilly, and I wanted to just throw this out inta cyberspace while it was fresh on my brain.

1) Bacon Suncatchers.


The funny part is that I haven’t eaten pork in roughly 20 years, and I really don’t see what the heck the fuss is about bacon.  That being said, I had a commission for a slice of bacon this past year, and boy did my views fly up.  So now that I’ve got the “recipe” nailed, I should just make more.

2) Spike magnets for the Atlantian Contigent


I made one of these bad boys for a friend.  She’s AwesomeSauce personified when it comes to web stuff, so of course, all of the Kingdom of Atlantia knows about them now.  (Coming sooner than some other stuff fyi cause I have the quirks of this particular glass cutie worked out already!)

3) Agate Slices in Wind Spinners


My wind spinners are kind of an homage to keeping a greener footprint as a small business.  The big glass chunk in ’em is made from scrap glass (which is why you kinda get more bang than you’re really entitled to for your buck.) They get kind of similar looking though if I make too many at a clip, or when my supplies are unchanging. So the other week, I was talking to a rockhound buddy (I was querying after agate slice prices, which ended up being straight out of my budget unless I wanted to raise my prices significantly on my spinners.) But he mentioned this little nugget of info: agate slices (like glass) sometimes arrive broken at their destination.  “And then what happens to them?” I wondered.  So I contacted one of the huge agate importing folks in the US and asked if I could buy (cheaply) broken agate slices of a particular size.  I got a green light and a good price, and (long story short) I think broken pieces of agate fit the overall theme and feel of my spinners, and you’ll be seeing the agate additions to them by next Renaissance Faire season, if not sooner. I am also not likely to run out anytime soon.  The gent I talked to who deals in agates was thrilled to do business with me, as he has a 44 pound (yes you read that right) box of busted bits, most of which I can probably use.

4) Naughty Magnets, Part Two.

I have a lot of naughty friends, and I’m no paragon of puritude myself… so on the lousier (read raining) days at Faire this fall (of which there were several, let’s just be honest and throw that out there) we came up with new things to put on naughty magnets.  Here are the winners so far (although feel free to suggest others!)



Awa’ An Bile Yer Heid (It’s Scottish.)

Naughty/Nice (With Naughty and Nice inverted from each other so whichever you put at the top is readable, whilst the one on the bottom is not… To be potentially sold with a back so that one can wear it as a brooch. ::grin::

5) Some Sort Of Challenging Thing Which Has Not Been Thought Of Yet

Something new.  Something challenging.  Suggestions taken.  Please don’t suggest glass windchimes though.  I let other people make those.  Glass windchimes have a real kinda icky tinkly sound (rather like glass breaking) and I can’t see not freaking having the sound of breaking clanking glass happening in my booth… not even for the spirit of retail.  Anything else is fair game.




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