Yoga Dogs and Tear Gas

24 05 2012

There’s nothing like starting out one’s day with a little exercise. And because this thought was too long to form into a cleverly worded facebook status, I’m writing about it here, although it is in no way relevant to my glass business or anything, really.

It was just funny.

My dog, Guinness, is a funny little dude, incredibly intelligent, and a total clown.

In short, it seems like his total purpose in life is to bring joy and laughter to people. Since I’m the human he’s around most often, let’s just say I laugh a lot with him around. He has quirks too, that make him all the funnier. For example, if we have a laser pointer in the house, and he sees where we put it down, he will sit at the base of the bookshelf-table-dresser and look up longingly at the location he last saw us with the pointer. And then look at the floor by his toes. And then look at whoever was holding said pointer. And then repeat the entire cycle until we either a) ignore him for a good long time or b) pick up said pointer and honor his request.

Another quirky factoid about my dog: he loves my yoga mat. Whenever I pull it out for my morning yoga, he’s right there with some toy clutched in his mouth, writhing on his back in an ecstatic expression of doggie happiness.

The only hitch in the giddy-up is that my buddy Josh was at the studio yesterday, and so Guinness got a treat or two more than usual. And while I was in Down Dog (photo below) doing a few slow and meditative breaths, he wiggled up next to me, rolled over, and planted himself under my tummy so I had the south bound end of a north bound dog eyeballing me.

And then he farted.

I outweigh him by 150 lbs or so, and I really didn’t want to land on him. You can probably picture the rest of the story… me, trying to a) get out of the ick zone b) not land on my small dog while doing it and c) laughing so hard I nearly wet myself while trying not to inhale.

I’ll be checking my yoga mat for holes directly, and letting the military know that there’s a new version of tear gas (or would that be terrier gas?) available.




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