Naked Blogs

15 02 2012

Today I head to Florida for 7 weeks and 2 days. I am braving it with only my Iphone in tow (my computer is staying at home because it’s not a travel-friendly variety). I can’t tell you how much I’m considering a laptop for the next office computer, lemme tell ya.

Although my friend has offered me the use of her laptop (We’ll get to see each other at the Faire every weekend), in truth, I don’t know how plentiful the wifi spots will be close to the Ren Faire, and so, my blog might be kind of naked while I’m gone. It’s not just the problem of a borrowed computer and an unmapped wifi environs; It goes back to the basic premise of the “Lesson of the Five Balls“, talked about in Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, a cute but overly sappy story by James Patterson.

In your life, you juggle (metaphorically of course) 5 balls, and they represent family, health, integrity, friends, and work. Four of the balls – family, health, integrity and friends – are made of glass, and may get nicked or marred if dropped. Work is a rubber ball. It will bounce back. Now, I happen to think that that’s hyperbolizing a teensy bit for one that is self-employed, as work doesn’t seem to bounce back quite as easily, especially when a goodly part of one’s friends and one’s integrity are directly involved with one’s work. (Ie: I only get to see certain friends while at certain Faires, and I try to perform to the dates, times and work details on my window contracts, which will harm my integrity if dropped), but my blog is a rubber ball. I think.

I don’t know that I can effectively juggle it while in Florida, and although I’m going to try, I’m not going to bend my life around into uncomrfortable angles to make it work while I’m gone. Here’s to hoping that I’m right in my hunch, and that my blog will bounce back with renewed cheek and wit when I come back north in April.




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