Bits of Wire, Lots of Beads, Some Reptiles, and My Posterior

10 02 2012

Ever heard the expression “ass deep in alligators”?

Funny how the alligators found me before my trip to Florida.

When it rains, it pours.

Feast or famine.

Hackneyed phrases aside, seriously, the life of a self-employed artist is kind of like that of a hungry person. You always remember being the up-and-coming artist, and with that little shrine of memory involving an empty piggy bank, empty fridge, and choosing between art supplies and ramen noodles occupying a back corner of your brain, well, let’s just say it’s hard to say no to anything that could possibly further your art career or get your name out there in a good way.

It’s even harder when you’ve suddenly won the “Miss Popularity contest” out of life’s lottery. I make knitting accessories, which I rattled on about two blog posts back, in horn tooting, because I had just been asked if I was okay being mentioned in a knitting podcast. Like a snowball rolling down a mountainside, my little knitting accessories are suddenly the hot thing. I’ve gotten orders from two other podcast hosts, and at least one of them may put a good word (and hopefully a link!) in for me on her podcast. It’s set to air next week… which means at T minus 4 days and counting for the Florida departure, my world has narrowed to an alarm clock, chocolate, bits of wire, lots of beads, and feeling like I’m up to my ass in alligators. After all, when stuff is selling out of my online store at a rate that I can barely keep up with, and I have 8 hour days at the studio that involve work other than knitting accessories… well, you get the picture.

As with anything, there are silver linings. In this case, my rampant case of helium hand disease (otherwise known as the inability to say no) has resulted in a staggering amount of income (Well, staggering to me. I’m sure Donald Trump would be singularly unimpressed…) in a short period of time. Each little set of knitting accessories sells for between $11 and $20 and I end up paying roughly 10% of my gross in fees between my online store and paypal. So I’m one podcast in at this point, potentially two more podcasts to go, and I’m not worrying about how I’ll make my studio rent the next two months.

I’m also finally (finally!) losing weight. I’ve been pretty good about keeping my New Year’s resolution, managing to only fall off the bandwagon when it involves chocolate. (Hey, it’s about the only damn vice I’ve got in my life, and trust me, there are worse things I could pick. Speaking of which, thank you Constance for the single-serving chocolate cake recipe.)

Anyhow… if I haven’t talked to you in awhile, or you get my answering machine when you call, please understand.

An alligator temporarily ate it.




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