Horn Tooting

31 01 2012

Okay, well, I’ve been told that I’m not very good at tooting my own horn, nor am I a fan of doing so, but really, this is so cool.

I was contacted by one of my etsy customers last week. She has a blog, called WexfordKnits where she talks about all things knitting both in her blog, and the podcasts she embeds within said blog.

This week’s episode, called “Pumpkinheads” is on stitch markers. Rebecca’s going to be comparing and contrasting several varieties, and, um, she really likes the way mine are made, so she’s going to be saying good things about my work. (For those people that know me well, I am in fact blushing while I type this.)

What’s a stitch marker? Well, since part of the point of my blog is standing on my soapbox about educating oneself, I’ll give you a pass this week (instead of my usual game of “follow-the-links”.) Stitch markers are things (tiny bits of drinking straws, a bit of yarn that doesn’t match your knitting project, wire wrapped bits and bobs, etc.) that go around your knitting needle and are a visual way of marking a place (like a bookmark) so that you don’t have to count ridiculous amounts of stitches, or remember where your Aran sweater pattern changes. (The photo directly below is of an Aran sweater, and the arrows point out the crazy pattern that you do not want to have to keep track of in your head. All of the other photos in this article are of my stitch markers.)

As long as I’m kind of blowing my own horn, since I am a self-employed artist, yadda, yadda, yadda, if you have someone in your life that knits something more complex than scarves, chances are good that they use stitch markers of some sort. Mine are pretty and located here.




One response

31 01 2012

I believe you have a color-block sweater that required markers!

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