For the Zombies Are A-Comin’

14 01 2012

I’ve been reading Jesse Petersen’s rather fluffy series lately about zombies. (It’s silly enough even I’m enjoying it, and I don’t think I could watch a horror movie all the way through if my life truly depended on it.)

Somehow, reading these books reminded me of a game we used to play in college called “Who’s in your bunker?” (The local version in Ohio seems to be “When the zombies come, who do you want with you?”) The premise is pretty simple – we used to go through all the pros and cons of our group of friends and acquaintances, and figure out who we’d want with us in a crisis situation, if we had a cap of say, 6 people. It brought up a lot of interesting questions and personal feelings (and biases) that usually got talked through without a lot of drama. (I think discussing hypothetical situations always leaves people thinking a little more rationally). One of the more interesting discussions I remember from playing this was “is your post-surgical transgender friend who is an EMT on the list? Or does the fact that they can’t have kids – assuming a repopulation effort is somehow required in the post-apocalypse – weigh as equally as their medical skill set?” Yes, we had too much time on our hands, but my overarching point – what skills make you bunker-worthy? – stands.

This game (which is simply a pared-down gallows version of a bucket list) goes hand-in-hand in my opinion with my belief that a day that passes without learning something new is a wasted day. (My parents were both teachers, so I come by the education soapbox honestly.) So… have you self-inventoried lately? It’s early January – not too late to make a New Year’s resolution about what you want to learn or get better at this year.

What skills or talents do you possess that make you a candidate for the bunker?




One response

14 01 2012

Back in the day (which means I’m too old to be chosen for your bunker), it wasn’t a game. It was actually a thought process of “Who would you want in your bomb shelter with you.” My skills now? A decade of surviving wilderness trips with Girl Scouts and I still know how to dig up Queen Anne’s lace for roots and build a trench fire. Keep me in mind. 🙂 Always love your writings!

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