A Lesson in Perspective

5 01 2012

Ever have one of those days where although it’s clear that you’re not being used as the universe’s whipping boy, (otherwise your day would be much, much worse) the day feels like you’re being used as the punchline for somebody’s cosmic joke?

Today was kind of like that.

I started off the day by a) getting my period and b) filing end of year sales tax forms for 4 different states (one of the hazards of my chosen profession.) I’m not great with numbers, for, as I’ve said in my blog before, there are days when 6’s and 9’s seem to be the same damn thing. And this was one of those days. I took so long to do the math on one of the states’ web pages that the ever helpful security protocol logged me off the site when I was half way through the process because the page had sat idle too long. So I sighed, started it over, and ended up leaving the house a lot later than I wanted to as a result.

In my haste to get out the door, I left my lunch on the kitchen table, which I didn’t realize until I got wickedly hungry a few hours later. Now, I’m really trying to be good. I’m watching my diet, and let me tell you, with it being day 1 of my period, with no appreciable weight loss yet, and being on day 5 of “eating more healthy”, all the shiny feelings about how great I’m going to look and feel are a distant second to the overwhelming feeling of “I want a goddamn ice cream sundae now, thank you very farkin’ much!”


My first stop after leaving the house was the trailer place. I’ve been saving up for a cargo trailer for several months now, because I’ll need one to haul all my glass stuff to Florida in February. Once there I realized in short order that I had screwed up the door measurement. 5’5″ is not the same thing as 55″. Most days I know this. The day I took the initial measurements would be one of the days where my math skills took a temporary vacation to Siberia without my permission. The consequence is that the only trailer that will work for me is about $600 more than I had budgeted for. I can make it work, but it’s going to leave me exceedingly tight financially until the Tampa show takes off. Given my line of work, I get paid about 5 months of the year, usually in high volume over a short period of time, so budgeting properly is a necessity, not a nicety. Ergo, nothing moves me from zero to pissed in six seconds like a stupid math error on my part.

I then headed to the studio to get some work done… and realized that I had left my phone next to my forgotten lunch on the kitchen table at home. (My phone contains all my audiobooks and tunes.) And on days like this, my phone is a necessity.

By the time I dashed by the library to grab an audiobook (’cause it’s closer than going back to the house) Guinness and I were due to be at the local nursing home. They have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) unit there, and today, he and I got introduced to the patients in that wing. People with TBI’s don’t always move or react like uninjured humans… sometimes their motions are jerky, and for many of them, fine motor control is non-existent, which means “petting” a puppy can sometimes be on par with how a young child “pets” an animal. But Guinness handled it all like a champ.

The highlight of the day for me, though, was meeting Robin. Robin is about my age, and he’s in a hospital bed for life. I followed our usual routine, and asked Robin if he wanted to meet Guinness. The answer was an enthusiastic and heartfelt, “YES!”, so I maneuvered us to his better side, and Robin greeted Guinness as if they were buddies from way back. Robin’s fine motor control is pretty non-existent, and his pets were more like good natured whomps on top of Guinness’ head, but Guinness didn’t care. He served up his usual charm, and handled the matter with good grace. When we left the nursing home today, his tail was flying higher than I’ve seen it on previous visits, like perhaps he knows “he done good.”

I’m not going to lie and say that stuff stopped going wrong after we left Robin’s bedside, but I think I understand a little better now what a wonderful gift today was…even despite its lack of ice cream.




2 responses

6 01 2012

Although it’s been many years, you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes. All the best to you my friend. May your days always be filled with happiness! 🙂

6 01 2012

Your writing makes me continue to know why I admire you. You made me laugh and almost cry in the same short blog.

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