On Being Predictable

1 01 2012

I yielded to superstition today, (it of course being January 1st), and, figuring that what I did or worked on today will be repeated ad nauseum throughout the year, I went to the studio and got some work done, ate healthily, played with my dog, touched base with some friends, and snuggled with my other half.

In addition to my entrenched and presumptive superstitions about today, I’m also following a well-trod path of predictability: I made some New Year’s resolutions. Every year I make a list of them, and every year I manage to keep most of them. I wanted to try something a little different this year though, and somehow (yes, this would be where that whole “moment of insanity” thing stepped in for just a second) I thought that if I posted them publicly that that would automatically make me more accountable for them.

So here goes.

1) Winter always manages to sneak a few pounds on my frame, and, seeing as how I’ll be heading to Florida in February (thereby missing my usual three months to work the extra pounds off my frame) I’m going to try and eat more healthily – watch my sugar intake, eat less junk food, etc. I have a nasty habit of falling into easy to eat things ’cause I often forget to eat until I’ve got a wicked headache, so I’m trying to plan better by keeping snacks that incorporate success on hand. (Can you say “Yay!” for homemade hummus?)

2) I have several outstanding commissions and custom orders. We got swamped this year, which, although that’s a really really good thing, it does mean that in addition to finishing stock for all of my up and coming shows, I have stuff to get out of the door in a timely fashion. And there are some I’ve been dragging my feet on because, well, they’ve been giving me artist’s block. But as the saying goes, the work ain’t gonna finish itself, so I’d best get my butt in gear.

3) I’m going to try and maintain my average of reading 100 or more books a year. I include unabridged audiobooks in this number, and hey, feel free to disagree with my inclusion of them if you wish, but it’s my resolution, my blog, and my time involved. I don’t plan to be sitting on my ass long enough to devour 100+ books in a paper format.

So – now it’s public. Now I’m accountable. And hey, should you wish to poke at me about any of these goals, feel free. That’s all part of my plan.




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