Dante’s Seventh Circle of He**

26 12 2011

So, um, I’ve been sandblasting. A lot. Which is roughly equivalent in my mind to Dante’s seventh circle of Hell. Okay, okay, not really, but let’s just say I have a cognitive if not working understanding of how lots of sandblasting could lead one to want to commit acts of violence. (Yes, that was a pun, as the seventh circle of hell is all about, well, violence.)

Anyhow, in order to make it through the latest crop of sandblasting, I’ve been immersing myself in audiobooks. (And having many neck kinks worked out, ice cream for lunch, and other various and sundry rewards to keep me at the infernal, confounded, wrackin-frackin demon device, aka my sandblaster.)

I love audiobooks. I’ve discovered that I have a penchant for young adult fiction to listen to if given a choice. The voice talent is usually better quality than some of the rather blasé choices made for grown-up audiobook vocalizations, and the plot is simple enough that I can be engaged with half a brain elsewhere and catch what is going in the book without sacrificing the necessary portion of brain that makes sure I neither hurt myself nor screw up the glass.

Since I have been trying to pare down my life, I don’t own a cassette tape or CD style walkman anymore. (We recently moved, and I cleaned out.) So I’ve been downloading audiobooks through my phone. And it is so cool! I can borrow them from the library (from the comfort of my couch, mind you), download them while I work on other things in the cheery wi-fi enabled apartment I live in, and listen to them over the 14 day period that they are mine. At the end of said period, they expire, and… this is the best part… they return themselves, so I have no late fees. I just have to delete the folder with the touch of a button when I wander back into the program.

I’m allowed 20 treasures from the electronic library at once, (a number which is in no way related to your limit of actual physical items checked out from a library, mind you). I typically have out about 3 audiobooks at a time, as a 14 day loan period is actually very brief when listening to a book. (Gone with the Wind was a week long listening affair at the studio, as the audiobook form is over 50 hours in length.)

There are only two complications on the horizon of this neat scenario. One, most electronic audiobooks (called e-audiobooks in geek speak) only come in WMA format.

Damn you, Windows. Damn you to… well… Dante’s seventh level of… oh never mind.

Anyhow, for those who don’t speak computer, it’s a Windows only format that does not work with a Mac computer or an Iphone whose home tether is a Mac…and I’m strictly a Mac kinda girl. That sucks royally ’cause I really really want to read the Percy Jackson series, as well as about 200 other e-audiobooks that only come in a WMA format. Two, I’m running out of Mac friendly e-audiobooks in the Cleveland library system. I’m very seriously thinking of hitting up family members who live in other parts of the country and asking them if I may borrow their account numbers for their local libraries, since it can’t accrue late fees on their accounts, and it shouldn’t impact their borrowing limitations.

So… anybody out there feel like entrusting me with their library information?




2 responses

26 12 2011
InQ "Piers mac Tavish" Laing

Try project Gutenberg … while i google here … http://www.gutenberg.org/

The have been using volunteers to make audio books of their ‘stock’. To be honest, I have never listened to one so I cannot say how good they are. And you don’t have to return them :). Chances are you won’t find young adult fiction, but heck, there are endless worlds to explore there.

Merry X-mas and all that stuff. .

27 12 2011
M. Sotherden Art Glass

Hey Piers – I’ve been interspersing stuff from project Gutenberg w/ more lighthearted audiobooks from the library. Some of the volunteer readers at P.G. are wonderful, some, not so much. But hey, they volunteer their time to read, and that is the important fact. (I’m just a bit of a voice work snob since so much of my own work at Faire(s) demands a voice talent that is pretty decent… which is why I bounce back and forth between Gutenberg stuff and fun beach fiction from the library…)

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