Embracing Shameless Commercialism

13 12 2011

Tis the season etc.

Seriously though, may you have a peaceful and happy holiday season, no matter which holiday(s) you celebrate in your household. (We’re fairly eclectic around here, what with a Buddhist, a Pagan, and assorted family members who embrace many different beliefs, traditions and what-have-you.) The common denominator though, is that we all embrace at least a modicum of gift giving. (Don’t get me wrong – I’d rather see the whole materialistic idea of the holiday season get dialed back a few notches and have people focus on helping others instead… but I’m a realist, and just because I’m wishin’ for it and workin’ towards it doesn’t make it happen globally.)

So if I had to wager a guess, your holiday tradition probably involves gift giving of some kind too. Lest I bore you with another of my ever-present soapboxes that’s dying to come out of the wings for an extended turn in the spotlight, I will try to be succinct and say that small businesses and independent artisans are really wonderful places to spread a little (or a lot) of your gift budget this year.

‘Cause hey, Wal-Mart does not need your money. (Damn, there’s a whole mess of soapboxes peeking out of the wings today! Sorry ’bout that.)

On finding local businesses: I can’t really help you there, except to say try strolling the main street of your local town, borough, or city block, and stopping into places you’ve never frequented before.

On finding cool gifts and stuff online: Try these places – etsy, artfire, and shopping for a change.

If you fancy glass stuff (yes, I’m shameless. I know…) try my online store! In fact, this article was specifically published today as it should give you a few days to order from my online store and receive it in time for the holidays, including Christmas. Use this coupon code Yule2011 through December 18th for free shipping on any earrings, pendant, hair barrette or hair stick in my shop.

Last but not least, here are some wonderful links for people I’ve met on the road or know personally, and their stuff rocks.

Hughes Pottery
Standing Stone Pottery
Fantasia’s Garden Soaps
Starcraft’s Paper Mobiles

Have a great holiday!




One response

13 12 2011

I’m reading your blog, while wearing dragonfly earrings that you made, having just wrapped up a little box of your magnets! You rock, Girl! Your gorgeous art is everywhere here at this house!!

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