I’m Lookin’ To Score…

1 12 2011


That sounded suggestive and naughty. But hey, I’m tryin’ to get higher ranked in search engines, and maybe the naughty title will help it get there… After all, when there’s a song from a hit Broadway show titled, “The Internet is for Porn“, that alone should clue you in to the popularity of sex and general naughtiness to be found online. Really though, digressions aside, what I’m looking to score is more music.

Get it? Score…music?

Okay, okay, sorry about the pun… but if you’ve ever met my dad, you’d understand.

Most people work somewhere where they don’t necessarily also hold the job of disc jockey for the entire workplace. In the world of the self-employed, or at least in the little corner of the world otherwise known as my studio, deciding what music to play all day, every day is just one of those things I have to figure out.

Enter Itunes. Love it, hate it, it’s not really the topic here, so let me work on getting around to my point. At the current point in time, I use Itunes (I’m an Apple kind of girl) and I have roughly 20 gig of music on my hard drive. That translates into about 13 days worth if I’m doing the math correctly. 13 days x 24 hours per day means if I were to listen to every piece of music in my collection I would go through every scrap of music I currently own in roughly a month. Luckily, between the free audiobooks on Project Gutenberg, and the local library’s collection of audiobooks, I have access to something I enjoy listening to other than music. But audiobooks are a blog article for another day.

If I’m looking to score new music, I generally head to a place called Pandora. Similar to the Greek myth that spawned its name, this site dedicated to music is chock full of surprises – some good, some bad. The Pandora website is based on a genome project – in laymen’s terms what makes a piece appeal to you is a complex fabric of traits including the harmony of a piece, the key its written in, the vocal stylings, etc., and all of those traits woven together can be said to be the genome or genetic makeup of a piece of music. Logically, if you enjoy songs by group A, and group B is similar in genome, you may like group B as well. But you might never have stumbled across group B. Until Pandora.

Pandora is set up like a radio station – once you sign up (it’s free by the way) you enter a list of artists you like. The “radio station” then plays songs by groups with similar genetic musicology, and you get to rate each song with a simple thumbs up/thumbs down. Pandora then tweaks the “radio station” to refine its playlist and put new groups in front of you. In short, it’s a great way to find new music.

If music is your thing, I wish for you enough free time this week to try it out. After all, some of the best diversions in life (in my opinion) are those things that we get lost in for awhile, cost us very little, and leave us enriched after experiencing it with no nasty morning-after side effects.




2 responses

1 12 2011

I love Pandora, but you do have to keep attending to it. For background music in the house, it requires you to answer “are you still there?” questions now and then. And here I thought you were looking for a score. The music kind. Of which I have many.

2 12 2011
M. Sotherden Art Glass

Actually, I’ve been listening to it mostly through an app on my iPhone… which doesn’t actually require you to hit the “are you there” button. Which is great! Regarding actual scores of music, if we’re talking amounts, sure I’m game! If we’re talking the technical musical term “scores” meaning the penciled out, multi-lined beasties I remember from growing up surrounded by a musical family, no not so much.

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