Infinitely Tweakable!

24 11 2011

This is it! The design I’ve been waiting for all of my life!

Okay, I admit, I’m exaggerating a bit, but really, I have been trying to find a solution to a rather thorny problem: Every year I get a lot of suggestions for designs I don’t carry. While many of the ideas are fun and have a broad enough appeal that I can, over the course of a year or two, sell several of them, some of the design suggestions are truly “one-of-a-kind”. In the I-can’t-offload-more-than-one-of-these-puppies sort of way.

So up until now, I’ve had no good way to make one or two designs based on someone’s suggestion, because something I’ve noticed is that if I have one of something, no one buys it. It’s the last one. Most people (at least here in America) assume that there must be something wrong with it. So I typically need at least three of something before one will sell. This is problematic when someone suggests a design that I know won’t sell well, because visually, I need at least three on the shelf to move one.

On a seemingly unrelated note, one of the things I’ve been playing with for awhile was the idea of trying to do some sort of medicine wheel design, or elemental wheel design, but nothing was really jelling. And then, sha-Zam.

Medicine Wheel

Enter one really fantastic piece of music (Thank you, “How to Train Your Dragon” soundtrack!), an uninspired-to-work day at the studio, and some crayons.

I. Love. Crayons.

(I’ve been likened to a four year old at many a restaurant with a handful of crayons clutched in my paws, a glazed look in my eye, and a rather manic and mad scribble-fest ensuing on whatever place-mat is convenient.) But I’m derailing myself.

So – back to my *real* topic: Everything about my new suncatcher is able to be done in a production line, meaning I can cut out 50, then paint the centers of 50, then grind 50, etc. If you know anything at all about business, a production line is considered the most efficient way to build something. (Think of Ford’s assembly line for cars.) The biggest benefit though is that the center section is blank, kind of like a mini sketchpad. So whatever I can fit on it, I can put on it. And since my motto is, “If I can draw it, you can have it on glass”, this infinitely tweakable design should help me solve those design requests that I just don’t know what to do with.

Did I mention I love crayons?




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