Fetch Me An Umbrella Please.

20 10 2011

When it rains, it pours. This phrase, nowadays often accompanied by a shrug and an eye roll intimating a “what-can-you-do-about-it” attitude apparently started out as a positive thing.

Curious? Read here.

Seriously though, would someone please pass the damn umbrella?

My blog might be naked for a bit. I apologize, and hope that when I can tune back in (if not regularly) that you will still give me a piece of your day. If not, I understand. But it’s started pouring around here (metaphorically) and I’m prioritizing (temporarily).

One: We are unexpectedly moving. We live in a strangely divided multi-section house, and, like the Jeffersons, we’re moving up. Literally. We currently live in the basement section, and are moving to the second floor section. So luckily we’re able to stay in the same house, but we still have to box everything up and move a ton of furniture. And man, the clock is ticking. We have to be moved by the 1st of November. (That would be the 1st of November occurring approximately 1.5 weeks from now.)

Two: Because other family members who live in the house we share are moving too, but on a different schedule than us, we will potentially be living without a kitchen for a month or two. Ian and I will be engaging in Pennsic (aka primitive) style cooking with a single burner located on our tiny deck. (Yay! We have a deck!) I am, however, not as thrilled about cooking guerilla style in November and possibly December in northeastern Ohio. Food takes a lot longer to prepare when you’re limited to One Burner. And wearing mittens… PB & J anyone?

Three: I booked a plane ticket to Florida to work on business stuff for next February (as I might be merchanting at the Tampa Renaissance Festival then). I planned the trip to try to scope out possible temporary studio and lodging space ahead of time. While I’m there. my “computer” access will be limited to my Iphone for over a week.

Four: That is, assuming I make it to Florida at all. After 18+ years of voting and having a flexible enough schedule for the past 7 years to serve as a juror about 49 weeks (cause they only need you weekdays) of the year, my number got picked for… you guessed it. The week I’m supposed to be in Florida.

Five: We just finished our season at the Ohio Renaissance Festival this past weekend. Since we closed a “real estate deal” and sold our booth there a week ago, there is a lot more work than usual in order to close out the season, including contracts to sign and legal stuff to get in order. Don’t worry! We will still be selling there (to our knowledge) in the 2012 season – we will just be trying a sunnier location in our Tiny Tudor Booth.

Six: It’s nice to be popular! (I wanted to end on a happy note, ok?) I have custom orders coming out my ears for the time being. And that is a Really Cool Thing. But it does mean that my already crimped, cramped, and lack-o-sleep schedule has to fit in a lotta “Git ‘r Done” in a rather timely manner. Which means I better get working.

Bloody hell. I just quoted Larry the Cable Guy.

I think I need more coffee.




5 responses

20 10 2011

Wishing I could help. Sure hope everything works out: Always wishing you wonderful things and enjoying your messages. Take care.

20 10 2011
M Sotherden

Thanks Constance 🙂

20 10 2011

I love your postings and wish I lived closer to help a bit. Stay well, Sweetie!

22 10 2011

It was a very good comedic reference though. If you guys want/need help in the beginning of November, let me know.

24 10 2011
M. Sotherden Art Glass

Thanks Val 🙂

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