Why is My Glass Broken?

11 10 2011

My glass is always broken.

Hey, I’m a glass artist. Broken glass is expected. But it’s not how I view the world, and whether I’m just choosing to hang out with people who have similar world views or there’s a new movement in town, I’m not sure. I’m hoping it’s the latter. Confused? Let me explain: Remember the old adage about pessimism and optimism? Probably the most used saying about it is whether someone sees a glass as half full or half empty.

I would argue that there are actually three personality types: Pessimists, optimists, and positive realists. I thought I had coined the phrase “positive realist”, but as it turns out I didn’t. Okay, so what’s positive realism? Hoping for the best in a scenario but planning for a potentially bad outcome. It’s trying to have enough money free on a credit card at all times to pay for the car repair you didn’t see coming, and thanking the universe when you blow a tire that it’s only a tire and not your transmission lying all over the road.

This image was respectfully borrowed from Tumblr.com

Whether the concept has been around for ages or not, I would argue that the positive realist worldview is endemic (and becoming epidemic) within my generation. Maybe this seemingly mass outlook of ours (the disenchanted children of the hippie movement) is the fruit borne of the seeds planted in the culture of the 60’s and 70’s. For example: Have you been paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street protests? Yes, it’s disorganized in a singular goal, but the general sense seems to be that people are very tired of being part of the 99% or 98% of Americans that get bought out politically by corporate interests. What is interesting about it is how it is unfolding. People are getting involved as best they can, whether it’s actually turning up on Wall Street, or simply being involved via the Internet. Most seem to embrace the attitude that they will keep doing what they are doing, because survival is dependent on fostering that seed of hopefulness for the future, but that the current reality is the knowledge that positive change may or may not come their way.

This image was respectfully borrowed from Tumblr.com

Either way, I’ll do what I always do: I’ll see a need and fill that need as best as I’m able, given the resources at my disposal. But I’ll also keep socking away all sorts of varied resources here and educating myself in various things should the the country in which I live experience a major hiccup in its workings in the future.

This image was respectfully borrowed from Tumblr.com




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