And so the Seasons Turn…

27 09 2011

I spent the better part of yesterday closing my booth for the season at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. It’s a bittersweet time of year, because it means that I said goodbye to friends I only see for a brief period each year. Although I loathe Facebook, and its intrepid and invasive inroads into my life and business, it has helped me to be able to keep up with people via photos and email throughout the year, but nothing is quite like seeing someone in person. After all, a hug is a hug, and I accept no substitutes.

Guinness modeling a Wooly Hat

The happy part of closing my booth is that now get to travel to the Ohio Renaissance Festival for a matter of weeks, and that my booth there will finally look as full as it can. There is also an entire complement of friends there that I only get to see for a brief period once a year, and I know they’ve been asking after me. (My other half Ian has been running our booth in Ohio for me while I’ve been at the Pittsburgh show.)

Perhaps the most bittersweet part though is that the closing of Pittsburgh Ren for the season means that my favorite time of year – fall – is now absolutely upon us, and I get to revel in the scent of woodsmoke, and dreamily wander in wonderment at the changing color of the leaves. I get to pull out my wooly hats and beggar mitts, which are some of my favorite articles of clothing in my entire wardrobe, bar none. Fall also means that my income for the year has reached its high point for the fiscal year, and, like the story of the ant in the “Ant and the Grasshopper” I have to watch my money very carefully to make sure that I get through the winter months without accumulating too much debt.

So I guess this post today is nothing more than a ramble through my head. Which a part of me wants to apologize for, but hey, nobody can write absolute gems all the time. And I’ve got totes to pack up. Until next time…




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