A Highly Opinionated Chocoholic Speaks

20 09 2011

Okay, so during show season (aka the nutty time of year when I am in a different state every weekend, and my glass art is usually in two or three states of the Union every weekend) I eat a lot of chocolate.

Why? Well, 100 hour work weeks, late nights driving various places and my sweetie being in another state at nighttime leaves me eating chocolate. (Lemme tell you, they may say that chocolate releases endorphins similar to, well, a sexual high, but it ain’t so. Even really good chocolate is a very distant second.)

But I digress. As usual.

This post is aimed at all of you out there that still consider Hershey’s (or any other cheap chocolate) a perfectly acceptable form of chocolate indulgence. Eating Hershey’s (in my opinion) is kind of like slapping a band-aid on a broken leg. In other words, it doesn’t do s***.

So step up your chocolate game, and come to the dark side. (Yep, that was a pun.) But be warned, once you try some of these, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hershey’s lurking in your closet will be given away to small children who don’t know any better.

Number one with a bullet is Lindt (in my opinion). Their dark truffles rock, and, in fact, have brought on foodgasms in the unsuspecting. Their chili bar is awesome too if you like a little spice in your life.

In fact, here’s our household recipe for hot chocolate using Lindt’s chili chocolate bar. Warning – it has probably more fat in it than a human being should consume in one day, but when we’re on the road, weight loss is epidemic, and a mug of this on a cold day is breakfast. (Hey, I’m a grown woman. If I want to have nothing more than hot chocolate, I’m allowed. It’s one of the few perks of adulthood.)

1 Lindt Chili Chocolate bar
1 8 oz. or thereabouts can of coconut milk or half-and-half.
red pepper

Take one bar of Lindt Chili Chocolate and slowly heat it in a small saucepan. Add a tiny bit of whatever milk product your using so the chocolate doesn’t stick. Continue adding (and whisking) milk into the melting chocolate. When fully homogenous, pour into a cup, and top with a sprinkle of red pepper.

Other really good chocolates include Ritter (if you like hazelnuts, try their version), Ghirardelli, Scharffenberger , Dagoba, or probably anything on this page.

Know any good brands I’ve missed? Leave a comment!




3 responses

20 09 2011
InQ "Piers mac Tavish" Laing

You MUST try this chocolate. Totally amazing. But it is also expensive needless to say. I am not a chocoholic, but I would still say that it is worth the price. There is a page where you can find distributors.


20 09 2011
M. Sotherden Art Glass

Sweet! Literally 🙂 Thank you.

26 09 2011
Raquel Carneiro

I like Lindt’s but I love Ghiradelli and Godiva. I refuse to eat Hershey’s anymore. When you have the good stuff a little goes a long way.


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