Photogenic Turds

16 09 2011

As an unintended follow up to “What’s in YOUR box?” I’d like to discuss the following: What’s up with all the negativity lately?

Was there negatively charged kool-aid that I missed?

I could list a ton of recent real life examples, but really, I think one will suffice. No sense clogging up the blogging with multiple bits of bad juju.

So here is the prize winner of negativity of the month (in my opinion). One of the guys I’m dating (yes, they all know about each other, and frankly that’s where your right to know stops) is in line for a promotion of sorts, so he’s having to smooch a lot of bottoms in a highly political fashion. One of the powers-that-be mentioned (within earshot… only she didn’t realize it was within earshot), “Molly’s not a lot to look at, is she?”

Look, I know I’m about as photogenic as a turd. Okay, it’s not that bad, really, but I swear cameras are out to get me. There’s maybe one shot in a hundred where I don’t look terrible. Truthfully, I’m kind of glad I’m not all that pretty. I think it got minimized in my “box of rocks” in exchange for lots of other cool things. For example:

I’m an excellent cook.

I know how to sew my own clothes.

I’ve helped restore Tiffany windows. (Yeah, the real ones.)

I have just enough psychic talent to sometimes know when a friend needs a phone call. Without prompting or reading it on Facebook.

The list goes on and on.

But one of the coolest things on that list is this: Several people I know refer to me as “one of the sweetest people” they know.

My birthday was recently. I bet you know the date. 9-11. Ring a bell? (yeah, THAT 9-11.) Seriously though, I had the coolest birthday. Maybe it has something to do with “what goes around comes around”, and hey, if I really am a sweet person, perhaps it was my just desserts. Or maybe it was my friends focusing on something positive on 9-11, rather than embracing all that could be negative on that day.

Naysayers will undoubtedly call me a Pollyanna, but humor and a realistically positive attitude seems to help get me places in my life.

Speaking of humor: This song has been playing a lot on my iPhone lately. Ever since what’s-her-name’s snarky comment about me. S’okay. In my meanest and most negative moments, I know I’ve got more important things in my box than she does. After all, it’s just my opinion, but somehow I’m sure that being pretty takes up more room than a photogenic turd.




2 responses

16 09 2011
InQ "Piers mac Tavish" Laing

And I always thought you were hot … and I’m married :). And you are as pretty as you are sweet. I don’t think many would argue with that!

26 09 2011
Raquel Carneiro

Before I read this I was looking at all your photos on Facebook and smiling, thinking “Molly is so pretty in all her photos, I wish I looked this good when people caught me off guard”.
So, really there is no accounting for taste.

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