11 09 2011

And Weird.
And Wild.
And Wonderful.
And hey, let’s not forget Wonder Woman.

Ever Wonder Why all those cool Words start with a “W”?

Or better yet, ever Wonder Why the Word Woman starts with a “W” too? A friend and I were having a conversation about it. He had just complimented me on being all of those things (Well, except for Wonder Woman… that one is straight from my own head on the days When life in the studio threatens to eat me for breakfast.)

Might be because the shape of a “W” is eminently (if graphically) descriptive of a Woman’s lower anatomy, just a an “M” is descriptive of a man’s shape.

Then again, maybe it’s because today is my birthday and I didn’t have anything else to post. (Ya, it was a helluva party 10 years ago in all of the wrong ways, but thanks for asking.) But I return you to my original post.

Okay so maybe, just maybe, We Were having one of those conversations that mere humans only have every once in aWhile, Where we glimpse important ideas and concepts, but they remain just out of reach, like a Word that is at the tip of your tongue, but never echos forth.

Makes you kind of Wonder, doesn’t it? Oh, and here’s another thought to add to that spin cycle… did you ever notice that it’s mostly men Who use the Word “Whore”? Most Women I’ve run across don’t use it. They use the word “slut” or “ho” or “skank”.

Weird, eh?




One response

26 09 2011
Raquel Carneiro

I say whore all the time…actually I am usually referring to a man when I say it. Slut just sounds better for a lady. 😀

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