I am the Queen of Totes…

7 09 2011

I love containers.

Containers to put things in, containers to carry things in… all sorts of containers.

It’s hard for me to pass by a selection of purses without looking at them. Not because I like purses, mind you – I actually a) hate the idea of schlocking enough stuff around with me on a daily basis to necessitate the use of a purse, and b) being enough of a girly girl to carry something as silly as a purse, but somehow, whenever I’m in Target, I inevitably stop by the purse section and take a gander at what they have.

Maybe that’s why my occupation is so perfect. For 14 straight weekends a year (plus an additional 4-12 weekends that don’t occur back to back) I load up my clothes, my glass products, my bedding, my air mattress, my tent, etc., all of which gets packaged into… you guessed it – containers and totes.

I’m a Virgo. So they’re all helpfully labeled on both side and top with Sharpie marker (which comes off with acetone should I need to change a label or two). But my love of containers doesn’t stop there.

I have most of my jewelry making supplies divided up into these little wee boxes that fit inside a small suitcase shaped tote. (Yes, they are all labeled too, which is good because they are in No Particular Order.) Even my stock for my online store is kept in various totes, labeled and separated by type.

Yet most days I still feel completely disorganized (and most days, I swear my studio reflects this look…) I think it’s just one of the side effects of self-employment: there are never enough hours in the day to feel like you’ve gotten both your to-do list done and cleaned up enough of the cyclone that is created while creating that you feel like you’ve gotten ahead.

So I guess that leaves me with one option. Does anybody know of a maid that doesn’t mind cleaning up broken glass regularly?




2 responses

7 09 2011

Did you know I’m this way? I have gone through my garbage can phase, my stackable small plastic container stage, my collecting-yogurt-container phase, and my basket phase. It’s an organizational thing. xoxo

11 09 2011

I’m the same way. I’ve moved several times in my life and the two times I moved before the *last* time I moved, I gave up getting moving boxes and just starting investing in Totes. It was one of the best ideas I ever had. People thought I was crazy, but trying to scramble to find larger boxes (and failing that, having to buy them, which were almost if not more expensive than a Totes at Walmart or Meijers), was starting to get to be too much. I find all kinds of uses for them now that we’re in an actual house. They are good for storing art supplies, misc. wires for computers, TV., etc., holiday decorations, etc. and the ones I don’t use, they stack so neatly. People balk when I suggest forgoing moving boxes and just dropping the cash on Totes instead. People complain they are too expensive but really, the average price is $4 – $5 for a large Totes, which includes the lid. A flimsy moving box you’ll end up either giving away, recycling, or quietly tossing away in the night will run just as much for a good-size box. Silly and wasteful. I completely see the point in making use of Totes :- )

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