Woodsmoke, Circles and Socialization

22 08 2011

Welcome to my brain in the middle of show season. It’s rambling, disorganized, and going at warp speed. So my post today is really about nothing. And everything. To everything its season, and circles running ’round.

It was chilly when I stepped outside this morning, and for the first time since last winter, I caught the scent of woodsmoke on the air. I don’t mind; Fall happens to be my favorite time of year, and woodsmoke seems to awaken something that is dormant in me during the warmer months. Woodsmoke is primal and feral, and somehow helps my muse unleash new designs and scribbles upon the world. Woodsmoke and chilly weather also usually means the end of show season, and that is both joyful and sorrowful.

Part of me is already looking forward to the end of show season, and to my first day off (which will be October 18th by the way) in over 3 months. The end of show season also brings sadness, because in my life it means saying goodbye to good friends for another year, as there are several Ren Faire Folk and others that I only see at this Renaissance Festival or that Ren Faire each year.

The dichotomy continues in other ways too. While I enjoy the madcap nature of show season, and meeting (literally) thousands of people each year, the hermit part of me wishes for weeks on end with nobody pestering me, and more than two days in a row working in my studio with only my tunes, my audiobooks, and my dog. (This is the same part of me that wishes I could put a sign on my studio door that says, “Unless you’ve brought chocolate, go AWAY!” without greatly offending potential customers).

Woodsmoke means it will soon be the time of year when I don’t actually talk to anyone other than Ian (with whom I live) unless it’s on the phone or by email. Part of me looks forward to that. Part of me wonders if living that way for a few months is actually healthy for me. In either case, it’s simply how woodsmoke laced autumns unfold around here.

To everything its season, and circles running ’round. Until next we meet…




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