I’m Trying to Develop More Wrinkles

10 07 2011

…in my brain. (But hey, that title caught you and made you read this, didn’t it?)

Rumor has it that the more wrinkly your brain looks, the more knowledge you have. Might be true, might not be. Research is showing, though, that mental exercises are helping to ward off dementia by forcing your brain to learn new things. When you learn something (wrinkles aside) more interconnections (called synapses) supposedly form between sections of your brain. (I found an article on it here: http://sharpermindcenters.com if you’re curious.)

You say, “Darn it Jim! I’m a ___________, not a scientist! What are you getting at??”

What I’m getting at is this: Exercise your dang brain! We spend lots and lots and lots of hours in the car heading to shows every year. Once we’ve made the drive two or three times, we know where we’re headed and We. Get. Bored.

So we’ve come up with a variety of ways to not be bored in a moving vehicle. (Other than sleeping.) Here they are in no particular order.

The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Based on a play called “The Six Degrees of Separation” by John Guare, the premise of which is that everyone is only separated by six degrees. How that translates into a game is that player one mentions a movie star name. For example’s sake, let’s say Elijah Wood. Player two has to connect Elijah to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less. So – in our example: Elijah Wood was in the Lord of the Rings movies with Viggo Mortenson. (1 degree) Viggo was in the movie “G. I. Jane” with Demi Moore. (2 degrees) Demi Moore was in the movie “A Few Good Men“… with Kevin Bacon. (3 degrees) See how this works?

The License Plate Game

This one’s easy. Player one points out a license plate. Player two has to come up with a word that uses all the letters on said license plate. On the Texas license plate to the left, the “ANP COM” can all be used in the word “company”.

The Countries of the World

If you need to brush up on your countries, I would recommend listening to this song first. Here’s how it goes: Player one names a country. For example’s sake, let’s use the United States. “United States” ends in an “S”, so player two has to name a country that starts with “S”, such as “Sri Lanka”. Player one has to then name a country starting with an “A”. One of the house rules we use to keep it interesting is that we can’t name a country that has already been used.

Got games of your own that can be played in the car? Drop me a line! I’m always eager to add new games to our repertoire.




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