Lacking the Money for a Truffle Pig, I Adopted a Toad Terrier

27 06 2011

This is my dog, Guinness. Subscribers to my blog will recognize him as he’s a pretty regular topic around here.

He’s part Boston Terrier (this we know for a fact, as he came “in transit”. As in, still-in-Mommy’s-tummy.) We assume the other bit is Shih Tzu, as he looks like a lot of Shih Tzus we’ve met, and he exhibits a temperament that is people-needy (an attribute that Shih Tzus were originally bred for.) Neither Boston Terriers nor Shih Tzus have amazing proboscises. In fact, both breeds’ noses are smooshed, kind of like they’ve chased a parked car in recent history.

Guinness with a Ritz Cracker on His Nose

Guinness’ nose stinks. (No, really, it does, and I apologize for the crappy pun.) He seems to have trouble occasionally sniffing out a cookie on the carpet if it’s rolled a bit of a distance from him, or he didn’t see me drop it.

He does, however, seem to possess some weird gene that allows him to sniff out toads. And frogs.

Case in point – I took him out for his evening piddle tonight. I didn’t see anything move. I don’t know if he did or not, but he’s not normally in the habit of interacting with ants on the move or things like that that he encounters, so logically, he has to be homing in on the toads and frogs via some other method. My vote is that he smells them, and finds them that way – by following their scent trail.

Anyhow, I couldn’t believe the size of the one he found tonight. Luckily he simply sniffed this little guy, and didn’t try to poke it with his paw (his usual modus operandi after sniffing their backs.) I called him off it (so he wouldn’t hurt it) and then caught this photo.

My toad terrier certainly sniffs out more than his share of amphibians… kind of a shame, really, seeing as how I have absolutely no inclination to add frog’s legs to my diet.




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