Cause Everyone Needs a Hobby…

23 06 2011

Creation is the life-blood of an artist. I can’t not be making-sewing-fixing-doing something. In fact, I prefer watching movies at home, rather than in a theater. Nobody looks at me funny if I’m playing with wire in front of my own television. My only option at a theater is to eat. Lots. ‘Cause then at least my hands are doing SOMETHING.

I was starting to drive myself nuts, because I was always working on some project for my business. Anything from making more stock to sewing more garb (garb being what you wear at a Renaissance Festival… the word “costume” is only uttered by amateurs…) to folding up little enclosures for my online store to designing a new this-or-that… I’m sure you get the idea.

So it was decided that I needed a hobby.

My Hobby

I belong to the SCA, a group that is into the recreation or reenactment of the Middle Ages. That’s not really a very good all encompassing definition, but it’ll do. Anyway, when someone (let’s call our imaginary person “Bob” for example’s sake) has done something kind of cool in the organization, Bob has his name read off in court (picture the court of Henry VIII and you’ll have a general sense of what it looks like). Bob then gets an award scroll, which tells of Bob’s cool deeds. Bob’s scroll is done by someone called a “scribe”, and each scroll is typically based on an existing medieval manuscript or document, like the one in the photo below.

Dutch Illuminated Page, circa 1460, from the Lund University Library

I can draw. I can paint. And heck, I used to earn part of my paycheck painting dead people’s names on glass for memorial windows in churches. In fancy calligraphy, nonetheless. So I became a scribe.

The Finished Scroll

I work on anywhere from 3 or 4 scrolls a year to 20, depending on how involved they are and how much free time I have during any given year. The one I just finished (based on the photograph above) turned out pretty well, I think.

I think it’s a good solution for the “lack of a hobby” problem. I get to make stuff (yay) that I then give away, so it doesn’t clutter up my house too much. (Double yay) The best part, however, is that it keeps me drawing and sketching in a non-business oriented manner. And that, after all, is the definition of a hobby.




2 responses

23 06 2011

I think I have had the creative mind conversation with you before. And I just heard myself saying it to someone this week! I can’t NOT make things. It’s what gets me out of bed and through the week. I love your blog!

26 09 2011
Raquel Carneiro

I find it hard to believe that any SCAdian would suffer from lack of hobbies…

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