The Coolest Commission Ever

7 06 2011

A lot of times I get paid to design windows that don’t really inspire me.  I hesitate to say that the design ideas are inane because, well, I’m getting paid for it, and it’s rude to say that some of your clients’ ideas are silly.

However, part of what they pay me for is designing something that is aesthetically pleasing.  It’s tough to make a good looking window when the client wanders in reverently clutching a grubby piece of newspaper that has a photo of a stylized flower window done in colors Not Found In Nature and they will NOT BE TALKED OUT OF IT. Not no way, not no how. 

So I inevitably design a stylized flower window done in colors Not Found In Nature.  Copious amounts of chocolate somehow find their way into my mouth while working on something like this, and I listen to a lot of rather loud music when I get a commission of this nature.  I also tend to mutter under my breath the mantra that “creating art for a living is a privilege and not a right”.  Coping mechanisms, I guess.

Awhile back, a friend ordered a small window for her mother’s birthday.  It’s apparently a big event, with several family members going in together on it, and much celebration in store.  She emailed me a photo of some flowers (real flowers, mind you, with appropriate colors and everything!)  She then instructed me to “Have fun, babe”. Mwahahaha! (That was an evil-in-a-good-way artist laugh if it didn’t translate well in print. It’s the sort of laugh that a ten year old with $40 in their pocket would emit when being unleashed willy-nilly on a candy store.)

It’s one of the best panels I’ve turned out in a long time. And it led to so many other panels, including my BIG piece for a gallery opening. After all, when your name is the one on the marquee, you’ve got to have something with a high “wow” factor in the window.

So thanks, KM, for handing me the Coolest Commission Ever.




One response

7 06 2011
Dawn Smoot

Beautiful work! Isn’t it the best when people tell you to just have fun with it? That really lets me think out of the box and come up with some of the best things I can do!

BTW… I think of you everytime I look in my mirror!

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