On Dogs

4 06 2011

Jim Henson designed my dog.

Well, not really, but Guinness looks like something that came out of “Muppet Studios”. It’s all part of his charm. But the best part about him is that he came with a firecracker personality. He’s inquisitive, funny, and smart, and he never minds laughing at himself. I think a lot of humans could learn from his outlook on life, myself included.

He never minds that his “treats” are anything from a baby carrot to a leftover tortilla chip from some so-so Mexican restaurant. His greatest joy seems to be meeting someone (human or dog, it doesn’t really matter except that the former is more likely to play tug with him and the latter is more likely to play chase) and playing until he is completely played out.

I wish I could face life with as much devil may care as he does. I wish I had half his bonhomie. But maybe that’s why I picked him, out of all his littermates. He was kind of the underdog, the one that all the others were beating up on. And when he’d finally had enough of their nips and wrestling, he looked up at me with big brown eyes, climbed into my lap, and snuggled down.

As he’s gotten older (and subsequently more independent) the tables have turned. He’s the one I now go to when wrestling the world has beaten me up for the day. Inevitably he brings me a toy or does something hilarious that restores my equilibrium, and makes me ready to say, “Hi world! How are you today?”




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