It Takes a Village to Raise an Artist…

30 04 2011

I didn’t get here by myself. (Here being defined as somewhat successfully self-employed as an artist.)

You are HERE.

I start the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in a little over a week. It’s a new show for me, and the best part of it is that I was invited to join it because two people who are in a position to make these sorts of decisions saw my work, said they’d never quite seen work like mine, and invited me on the spot to come merchant at their show. (In order to gain entrance to MOST shows, I send a portfolio and a list of shows that I already merchant at, and the powers that be for said show decide whether my work is different enough and of high enough quality to join their show.)

It’s nice to be sought after. Some days (when the glass isn’t cutting right, when I end up in the bathroom using super glue and steri-strips to hold parts of my wounded flesh together because the glass is in a rotten mood, etc.) it’s hard to realize that my work speaks to people. Loudly. But again, I didn’t get here by myself. It literally takes a village to raise an artist.

Last week I realized just how many people helped me get to where I am. Last week, a wonderful man who I am very privileged to have in my life set aside portions of his life to help me build a booth for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. This week my sister sent me Really Good Chocolate for my 9 hour -yes, you read that right- commute to Tennessee, which I will be repeating 2x each weekend for the next 4 weekends. My friend David is taking the better part of a week off work to help me get through the first weekend at Tennessee until I get my feet under me. (I tend to make hideously stupid math errors the first weekend anywhere if someone isn’t watching me.) My Ian has been taking on all the household laundry, dishes, and dinner making lately, just so I don’t have to… and the list goes on and on.

The booth for Tennessee

Thank you Kelly. Thank you Emmy. Thank you David. Thank you Ian. Dad, Mom, Papaw, Dani, Amy, Theddeus & Dave, Jenny, Lissa, Gram B, Kyr, I owe all of you guys big thanks too. I’m sure the list is longer than that. Sitting here with less than a week until TN opens, my brain is working sporadically at best, so I apologize if I’ve forgotten anyone.




One response

15 05 2011

that’s a lovely little booth. 🙂

good luck in tennessee, molly. kick butt, break a leg (but not any glass), and all that. 🙂

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