I’ll take a side order of Barrettes, please.

15 05 2010

I currently sell online in two places. First, on etsy http://MSotherdenArtGlass.etsy.com and on 1000 markets http://www.1000markets.com/users/msotherdenartglass

I am very grateful for each and every sale I make, whether online or in person. What I can’t fathom is how many barrettes I sell online! Is there a shortage of cool, funky and fun hair accessories in the world? Are people with long hair a minority that has gone hitherto unnoticed by people in the fashion industry? Do hair sticks or hair pins require too much effort to learn how to “install” them properly?

Since online sales are completely impersonal, meaning the buyer finds me and buys from me without me ever knowing the reason why, except for what gleanings can be had from google analytics and the like, listing items online is like throwing up random posters about yourself all over cyber-town. You never know what will inspire whom to purchase which, or if the item someone sees is different than the item they end up purchasing.

Whatever the reason, I am happy and glad to be selling so many barrettes. It’s a total point of pride (and my geekiness) to point out that I have hair barrettes living in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and well over half the states in the US. It’s also a point of pride (albeit a very weird one) when I realized the other day that my poor, overtaxed car has new front brakes because of… hair barrettes.




One response

15 05 2010
Darla Bair

Yep, brakes for barrettes! That’s funny. But I understand. Mine was piano lessons for food for my kids. Hard to believe glass hair barrettes are such a big deal, but they are so, so pretty. You have cool hair, Glass Lassie. Maybe that’s why you sell so many!

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